Star Arithmetic game for learninig multiply & division tables

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Star Arithmetic: Multiply and Division Tables – education game for quick learning multiplication and division

This educational game is designed for children to help them with memorizing the multiplication and division tables while playing. (iOSAndroid, HTML5)

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A player assumes the role of liberator of the Universe, where space heroes occur in great danger and the vicious Time Eater wants to destroy their planet. A kid will have to release all 8 planets, the Sun and destroy the enemy fleet.

Gradual complication of tasks: from tests where a child can quess the answer to tests where no hints are included. The comic-style game will help a player to remember the table and learn to divide and multiply.

The game contains the test, and if a player is successful in passing it, it means that his knowledge of multiplication table is profound.

User-friendly interface.

Besides, it contains parental controls throughout the game – parents can control progress of their children and the amount and places of mistakes they make.

Original sounds and musics.

Install it from Apple Store (iPad, iPhone 7 and above): Star Arithmetic: Multiply and Division Tables Kids

If you want to try demo, install from Google Play (Android) : Star Arithmetic Free

Or you can play, now, Full Version (Android): Star Arithmetic

Or you can try HTML5 version: Star Arithmetic